Sweet Pickins Antiques, Collectibles and Handmade Crafts

Sweet Pickins Antiques Has Become a Destination Place!

Sweet Pickins Antiques

It is located at Blue Star Highway and North Shore Drive, in the “Harpolds” building.

The new store opened May 17th, 2014! Stop in and visit, browse & be amazed!


Holiday Open House – November 28, 29, & 30th!

Sweet Pickins Antiques

Big sales and refreshments for your relaxed shopping pleasure! A lot of 20% off sales throughout the store. We are in the festive mood! Come on in and avoid the mass shopping madness!


See the new store website at  http://sweetpickinsantiquemall.com

Antique hunters, collectors of collectibles, and people just browsing vintage finds will find a huge variety of items from the collections of fantastic vendors!

Sweet Pickins Antiques

Sweet Pickins Antiques


When you walk in you are greeted by pleasant people that have a passion for antiques and vintage items. They will help you find what you are looking for, if needed. With well organized, clean, large booths, vendors have their items displayed for easy viewing.

The items change quite often as most merchandise is one of a kind, not your every-day-off- the-shelf variety. So when you see it, and like it, that is the time to buy it. (just a piece of advice from one veteran shopper)

Antiques South Haven
Quality Handmade Crafts

There is such a variety of antiques, collectibles, vintage items, and handmade crafts that it keeps you coming back for more. A truly pleasant shopping experience.

Sweet Pickins Antiques is located at 81 Blue Star Hwy and North Shore Drive.

HOURS: Monday through Friday 11AM to 6PM – Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 5PM

So come on out and explore the many booths for that treasure that takes you down memory lane, or is the perfect fit for your home.

Sweet Pickins Antiques


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